I get that booking a wedding photographer can be extremely overwhelming with so many options out there. Below are 5 Tips on hiring a wedding Photographer that should put your mind at ease with such an important task! We Photographers are here to help you in any way!





This probably the #1 tip I can give on hiring a wedding photographer. Every photographer has a particular style that they shoot in that makes them unique. When looking through different portfolios, ask yourself, “Are these photos bright and airy looking?” “Are these photos more dark and contrasty?”, “Are these photos more vibrant?”, “ Does this photographer use lots of flash?, “Are they more natural light?”, “Are they natural and documentary?”…etc… Take into consideration what kind of photos you want your lasting memory of your wedding to look like, and use that in your research while looking through portfolios.


Yes yes yes! You must ask questions. Hiring a wedding photographer goes so much more deeper than just price and if they fit into your overall budget. It is an experience. You want to be comfortable from start to finish so finding that perfect photographer that only issn’t just a talented artist, but someone who’s personality compliments your own. The only way to figure out if they are a good fit is by asking questions that would put your mind at ease. Every photographer not only has a different style in editing/shooting, but also in the way they conduct their overall brand. Don’t be afraid to ask about things that concern you!


Speaking of finding a right fit, scheduling a meeting or call with a photographer you are wanting to hire helps your decision become easier. By meeting face to face or over the phone will solve the back and forth emails and you will be able to have hands on answers to your questions you ask. With this, you’d be able to feel each other out and make your decision based on their personality.


You want an experienced photographer on your wedding day. Experienced photographers would have the upper hand in making your day run smoothly and giving you opportunities to create moments that will last forever. We can anticipate moments that happen before they happen, know that to do in those crazy wedding situations, and so much more. Hiring an experienced photographer may be more on the pricier side, however, these photos and these moments happen once. Basic cliche : “ You get what you pay for”




I hear too many stories these days of couples being unhappy with their choice in their wedding photographer and it saddens me. Most of the time, they will come back and say “ I should’ve just went with my gut”. Along with loving their portfolio or price, you have to be sure that your decision is the right one by also loving their brand, personality, and professionalism. All things work together in making your experience worth the money and making you happy in the long run. If your gut tells you to go with a person that you just connect with, more than likely you will have ZERO stress on your wedding day.




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