Now that I am finally beginning to get around to my month long adventure in England, I can finally share the wonderful things my eyes feasted on over there.

We hit the ground running with none other than the Rhuddlan Castle in Rhuddlan, Denbigshire, Wales. A massive architecture built after the first Welsh War from 1277-1282. Yes, you read that right, this massive beauty was built in just 5 years! 

Thomas, my wonderfully English boyfriend/tour guide and I, went on a muggy, rainy day to see what this castle was all about. When we pulled into the parking lot, my mouth literally dropped to the floor and I shrieked (one of many, trust me). I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes. All that was going through my head was what kind of photos I was going to take and I was over the moon excited. In it, I was OBSSESED with the architecture, the character, the history, and every quality it had- even what seemed to be the 5 million stairs we climbed to the top,haha. I was so inspired by everything here and the coolest part is that we were the only ones there.

After we left Rhuddlan, we came across an abandoned ship. Covered in graffiti, and sand, I just HAD to stop. I absolutely love random finds like this.

These were just two of the many wonderful places I visited while in England and I can’t wait to share the rest. 

Thank you for tagging along on this journey with me. Stay tuned for Part II, NessGardens.

Heading to Wales anytime soon? Rhuddlan is THE place to go.

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