Sometimes in life, there are places that give you a new outlook on life. 

I traveled to Manchester, England last week on what I thought was going to be for work. Little did I know, I’d be hiking up the hills of Wales, photographing acres of vast beauty, and boundless culture.  I visited the cities on Wirral, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, and Wales and all had me breathless. Wales was my favorite of all with its acres of serenity and green pastures. I don’t believe Iv’e seen so many sheep in my life–Haha–.

I encourage any person whether a business owner, avid traveler, or even stay at home moms to plan one trip a year or at least every other year. Expand your horizons and see other lands. It, in my opinion, allows you to become a more well-rounded person and be more sensitive to different cultures. As people of today we get so caught up in our own lives and routines that we develop a tunnel vision to the outside world, which then prevents us from understanding people who are different. Take a trip and breathe different air, eat different foods, and learn a new language. You’ll wonder why you never went sooner.

Hope you enjoy these travel photos <3

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