Snapchat | Not Just for Selfies!

Who knew that Snapchat could be used for more than selfies?!

Here are some helpful tips for business owners on utilizing social coverage on Snapchat:

  1. Be Consitent: As we know, Snapchat stories last for 24hrs after you upload. Thats plenty of time to bring your followers in on a typical day in your world! This doesn't mean you have to snapchat everyday for every little thing. Snapchat moments of your day as you make new recipes for your bakery, or when you are taking a morning stroll before you start your day. Many followers want to know what goes on behind the scenes. Giving them an inside look in the day and the life of your business  as well as showing some of your normal day to day activities, allows people to connect on a business level and with you as a person. Let them see! 
  2. Be Interactive:  Say that you own a custom bow tie business and are wanting some new design for your winter collection, Snapchat can help bring people in. Upload a story asking for  ideas on what colors and patterns for your next line. After your snap submissions, You can snap on what you narrowed it down to. It keeps people engaged and wanting to buy your product because it a pattern THEY wanted. You have more styles in your portfolio, and you have happy customers. Definitely a win-win. You can snap Polls, contests, drawings, etc... on different ideas you have to draw your audience in!
  3. Show Personality: Lets be honest, Snapchat was made for the selfie! So why not take some? Showing personality is the most important tip of the three. If you like to make avocado salad with protein shakes in the morning, while you watch re-runs of "Friends" on a Saturday morning, SNAP IT! Showing personality to your followers is almost like watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians", except without the drama in Snapchat version. People don't want to see work all the time. I think having a lovely balance of both work and personal life will keep your audience engaged and you'll never have a problem with attracting business. 

We live in a digital world where cellphones, snapchat stories, and hashtags are, in most cases, the sole source of new clientele. Utilize social media and its powerful platform and watch how many people jump on board with you!

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