Be Different and Embrace it | inspirations

Social media has a way of stuffing "Acceptable" and "Normal" down our throats. They publish in magazines, air on our TVs, Raid our music choices, amongst other things. But.. what is normal? I surely can't answer that. In my opinion, there is no such thing. I've always said that the very traits that you have are like fine jewelry. They compliment you,  give you a complete look, and they sparkle when in the right light..   Every one is uniquely crafted in a way that is just for you. Whether you think different, act different, dress different , or even laugh differently than what society deems as normal. You are you.. Love yourself and embrace your qualities that make you the beautiful different that you are. 


All people-African, European, American- worry about being different. But I’ve learned that the traits we’d rush to get rid of are the the very ones that others desire. People always covet what they don’t have. That’s why we should look at ourselves and say, “ I’m proud of myself. I like the way I’m made.”
— Freida Pinto