Being Organized | Essential Quality to Life.

Organization |ˌôrɡənəˈzāSH(ə)n|

noun efficient and orderly approach to tasks

        America is lazy. We want everyone and everything to do all of our daily tasks and keep us organized. We ask Siri and Google on a daily basis to tell us about our daily lives as if they are our personal managers. I'll admit, I ask Siri about whether I had any meetings or consultations that day with some brides. I get it, technology is so advanced and so resourceful that we don't realize that it cripples us to be dependent on such devices. Well... what happens when the iPhone or MacBook dies and you don't have a way to charge them in the middle of a wedding to pull up the timeline of the day? You're stuck.

I have always said, that one of the most important qualities to have when running a business is the act of being organized. Not just in an entrepreneurship aspect, but in life in general. In my life, with all of the tasks I do on a daily basis, being organized wasn't an option and fortunately, I have applied those practices to my business. 

Shooting 15+ weddings a year can get very scrambled. With contracts, deposits, bride requests, consultations, bridal sessions, engagement sessions, venue scouting, payment plans, names, putting names to faces... You name it. It can get confusing and quickly become overwhelming. If you think you have a "photographic" memory [no pun intended hah], well think again.. You don't.  If you feel as though you are swamped with information and are trying to put names and deposits to faces, Do just that. Create folders on your desktop or hard copy folders with each task you have to do.  In my business life, I create manila folders with typed out Itineraries of the brides and their wedding details. That way, when we have our meetings, I just pull out my nifty little folder with pictures of the couple, names, venue details and other various things we have discussed. Not only does it help you keep track of dates and people but, I can't tell you how many times the bride and groom compliment on how professional it looks!  Just as I do with my business, you can do with with receipts, bills, to-do lists, the list goes on. 

Nerdy?.. It may be, but you will thank me later..