Lovin' in the Rain | Caitlin & Matt Engagement

North Carolina has such bipolar weather.  Here, It could be sunny, hot, and beautiful three days leading up to a scheduled event and completely downpour the morning of.  After a blistering hot, and sunny weekend, we had high hopes for sunshine and blue skies for our Sunday evening session... We scheduled their engagement for 4pm on Sunday. We knew from looking at recent weather reports that downpour was scheduled to hit our area around 1PM and move out by 3PM. Having already rescheduled our session from the week prior, we were going to toughen it out and shoot since time before the wedding was getting closer and closer. Luckily for us sun shined its golden rays all-day long.......Until 4pm!......Then, the flood gates opened. A girl could dream right? Although it rained half of our session, I am SO glad we went through with it! An adventure, and a blast it was indeed.