The Winners Circle | Confidence Challenge Giveaway with Izzy

  Every year as the new year rings in, we take a look at ourselves in the mirror. For some, that is the one time a year that we get to look inwardly and promise ourselves that in the new year we will be better people. For majority, its the complete  opposite. Those special times with the mirror can quickly become open grounds for self- hate, self diagnosis, low self-esteem, and depression. We often ask ourselves those questions "How did I get here?", "When did this happen?", but almost 99% off the time we have no definitive answer.

Confidence is a personality trait that I feel is often overlooked. Most people think, walking down the street in the middle of the day strutting like your on a Vogue Runway is the definition of confidence. But it isn't. Confidence is inward. Knowing that what you have to offer as a person ( quality traits, facial features, mentality etc...) will benefit someone else's life in some way. THAT is confidence. Being happy with who you are and what you have become is confidence in it's purest form.



I decided to start this Confidence Giveaway Challenge because I was ultimately tired of hearing people talk about their New Years Resolutions and starting them with bashing themselves. (i.e "I am so ugly, I think I may get into make-up more this year")-actual words I heard someone say in a Walmart by the way. I wanted people to see themselves for who they are and go through life believing that whatever qualities they inhabit can benefit someone in some way. You are beautiful and your'e valuable, just be confident in it.


The winner of my challenge was a deserving beautiful soul, who was extremely vibrant and full of laughter. Congratulations, Izzy Lover, I had a blast working with you.