United We Stand, Divided We Fall | Pray for Charlotte.

My heart aches for the events that have happened here on the streets of Charlotte. A vicious dark cloud of violence, pain, and anger has flooded our city. Seeing how much hatred go around in a city that once stood tall in our truths and beliefs is extremely disheartening. Do you guys remember when the State of North Carolina was always one of the last states to conform to any fad or issue that was popular in the media? NC has ALWAYS stood on solid grounds and could never be shaken by anything! 

I do understand the pain and the hurt that the victims feel. My heart and condolences go out to every life that was lost under law enforcement whether guilty or not guilty of being a threat. In my eyes, no one deserves to die. Not one. Especially, not those who are killed to make a point. Its disgusting and unacceptable. There is no doubt in my mind that there is something serious going on behind the curtain and that the media is on stage giving us a LIVE performance. However, reacting how they expect us to will get us nowhere. Although I firmly support freedom of speech, and protests, and standing for a cause, there is NO.. and I mean NOOO reason to trash a city, and break windows, nearly set people on fire as an opportunity to go crazy. Thats called being an opportunist and not an activist.

This police brutality HAS GOT TO STOP. If that means, having council meetings for various cities on how to come to a common ground so be it. We must find better ways of screening our officers through more intense training courses, moral exams, etc.. They, in my opinion, should be qualified Navy Seals in police uniforms by the time they are done. In the courts, let the victims families be heard in these meetings, let the cities be heard. Solutions will never be possibilities if other sides and different perspectives are not heard. But it HAS to be be done tactfully, and respectfully. Coming to common solutions that affect an entire country takes patience, open minds, and PURE hearts. Notice I said, PURE hearts, meaning, ones with good intention. Hearts that want change for the good and not for personal comfortability. In order for good change to happen, most will have to be uncomfortable; compromising for a greater good and adapting to peaceful society. 

Ultimately, take your personal accommodations out of this and lets stand together as a NATION to stop an event that is affecting every American. Think about it, Yes, ALL #Black Lives Matter. I stand for it 1000%. But all cops are not bad either. Some cops DO their job and go to work everyday to serve and protect. However, the cops that ARE the bad ones, are spoiling it for the rest of them. Same as the victims. Most of the victims, are innocent people, they don't have firearms, they don't have drugs, they don't have records, yet their sides of the stories will never be told. It is up to US AS THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA to LOVE one another and stop hate on BOTH sides. We are all guilty to a fault in this. Parents teach your children to not Hate, Adults find it in your hearts to understand that people are different and will always be different. 

Prick all the fingers of every race and nationality- WE ALL BLEED RED. No matter how you were raised. Turn off the Media, and love your neighbor, or this country will go nowhere.

Stay safe Charlotte.  #Humanlovematters