The Importance of Family.

I have a rather large family. I am one of 7 children and two loving parents who are also parts of huge families. Today was my niece's 8th birthday. The moment when she begins to understand things in an adult sense and not through children's eyes. My family had an impromptu gathering at Chilis to celebrate. The table was full of jokes, laughter and silliness that only the Stalling's family could understand. My niece, Michellé, then said out loud, " I love when my family is all together and happy". Everyone then agreed in awe, and kissed her because such a mature statement came out of her mouth. As everyone was "awe-ing", I sat back in my seat and just smiling and really pondered on what she said. She is an 8 year old who understand and can recognize the importance in family. My family over the years has become distant over the years with our busy lives, children, and overall daily needs. Us coming together for a random dinner to celebrate her birthday is a big deal for her and to me. That statement was genuine and it helps me realize how important family is an valuing the gift that you have people who, no matter what happens in life, will always be there. ALWAYS. 

That is why I advocate and encourage families to take photos together periodically. Life happens, and sometimes the people we value and cherish  may not be here the next day. Having photos to go back on and seeing that person in a happy state can really bring comfort and joy to one's life. It can, in some cases, be medicine for healing. People come and go in our lives, but loosing a family member or becoming distant with them, is almost like loosing part of your soul. Photos help re-live moments of happiness when life kind of pulls us away sometimes. Why not bring family together to help you regain a piece of life didnt know you were missing? As I left  my family outing today, it made me appreciate how BLESSED I am to have a family like I do. It allowed me to have a real smile on my face and a heart bursting with love that is my medicine to fuel me for the week. I realized today that the importance of family is often overlooked and that without family you have nothing.


I encourage you to reach out to some of your family members, and just enjoy each others company. Everyone should experience what I felt today.