My First Attempt at Food Photos! | Sylvia Anton Pastry Session

Okay! So, this was a very new adventure for me. Sylvia Anton, a 4 star culinary guru and owner of Personal Eclectic Chef, LLC asked me to photograph a few dishes for her new cookbook being released this year. Of course I accepted. Although I was nervous, it was a challenge I was absolutely willing to take on! The shoot went unexpectedly smooth. Although I was panicking on the inside, I began to realize that I was having fun. So much so that I began to think to myself if this was something that I could ad onto my available services. After, this session, I believe I will explore this new found interest that was sparked. I shot and edited these as minimal as I possibly could to keep the elegance and originality they embodied. Chef Anton was beyond pleased which, of course, made me smile from ear to ear. What do you guys think?