A Lookback on 2015 | New Years

My how time flies. Things change, people change, aspirations and inspirations change amongst,  many other things. I never thought coming into this business that I'd fall deeply in love with the sheer thing of making people happy. Recording their days and being their in there precious moments is almost like I am writing my own story in my own life. I look back on the wonderful people I have worked with this year and it makes my heart swell with love and joy that someone,whether working or not, would want ME to be there with them in their most valued moments. I am BEYOND blessed that Christ has given me a job that I can say with all of my heart that I love with every part of my being. I have grown in so many indescribable ways just from witnessing someone else's happiness. You often question yourself if basking in someone else's happiness is a cover up of your own sadness. It is a valid question. However, personally, I find it therapeutic to see a smile on someone's face. My sadness comes in knowing that there are people in our societies that aren't experiencing happiness nor have the opportunities to look back on their happy moments when life gets a little tough. We have all been there right? You hear the cliche sayings of "Live your life to the fullest", "Live everyday like it is your last", "Cherish life's moments", "Life's too short"; sit there and think about those sayings for a minute and just think about how true they really are. We must begin to live our lives with a goal to be happy and not just go through the motions. I believe most photographers live by that.Our jobs are to make sure that you are able to have those days where you can sit on your sofa and look back at your wedding photos and still have the same gooey feeling as you had back on your wedding day. That is really the true reward of our profession. As we enter into the new year, think to yourself about the things and people important to you. Cherish them, preserve them, document them; You will then find your happiness will fall right into place and your smile without even trying. Happiness is contagious. Lets spread the love. <3

Thank you to all who inspire me and make my job a huge factor in my happiness. From my heart to yours.  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!