But I Don't Feel Like A Bride! | The Words of Many

Being a bride is a huge roll to take on, sometimes overwhelming for many. You feel like you are a CEO of your own personal wedding company with all the questions, decisions,  designing, and such. There is so much to the maintenance and production of a wedding that you tend to forget what it means to be an actual bride. Webster's dictionary simply defines the word Bride as "A woman on her wedding day or just before and after the event". So, what is with all the multiple hats you have to put on to get your wedding up and running? Its a little thing I like to call STRESS.  Say it with me..  S..T...R...EEE..SSSSSS.....Better? This wedding is the biggest day of your life and there must be a place for everything an everything in its place right?... Not quite. Iv'e always said that on my wedding day, everyone will receive a typed up Word document that specifically directs people on what they are to do on that day. Seems tedious right? Yes, but I would much rather have a clear headspace on my day that everyone asking me 5 million questions on where to put things. 

I've had quite a few brides take on what seems to be exuberant amounts of stress that isn't exactly warranted. It is extremely important to remind yourself on what the day was designed for.. YOU. Weddings are crafted and designed to compliment the bride and too many women forget that the day is about them. In a perfect world, you'd love to have minions, and little people running around beckoning at your every call, but, nowadays its considered a "Bridezilla". So lets not do that.. The point is, you must understand that way too many woman forget that you were a Bride before a wedding planner, which means you are getting ready to spend the rest of your life with someone who chose YOU out of a crowd of many. All  of your world that you have known as a bachelorette is now about to be spent with someone who will treat you like the lovely QUEEN that you are. Embrace it. Don't be afraid to not make any decisions, but enjoy your transition, enjoy the happiness that this time brings.  Its incredibly beautiful to witness... You don't feel like a bride? Take time for yourself, and embrace this time. Give the responsibilities to the wedding planner, and you just be a Bride ; " A woman on her wedding day or just before and after her evet".