Photographers say NO to Instagram Filters! | The Truth.

   In this day and age, Instagram has become the primary and in some cases, the sole platform for photographers around the globe. Instagram allows us to showcase our work multiple times daily without is to be considered as SPAM, as it would if it were on Facebook. It also allows us to reach more and more people through simple hashtags and follow buttons. In a nutshell, Photographers and the Instagram platform is rapidly evolving and is what many of us rely on to keep our brand consistent.

     With that, comes an ongoing issue that we face that is often out of our control. The use of Instagram filters from our clients. THATS A BIG NO! Photographers pride ourselves on getting that right edit for  our client's sessions to have them fit our style, thus, keeping our brand consistent. If not outsourced, most photographers spend HOURS editing a wedding or portrait session to finally get that "Look" we want, which can sometimes be difficult to achieve. Once we make our masterpieces, we then send it off to the client THRILLED that our work will be posted all over social media with "That Look". We are super confident, and overjoyed that our portfolios are finally becoming the brand we want, and you get a notification on your phone that you are tagged in a photo on Instagram from the client. I don't know about other photographers, but I get pretty excited when this happens. We log into Instagram intrigued to see how many likes we've gotten then our mouths drop. We see that our photos what we spent hours on, and almost emptied an entire bag of Oreos on, has an awful Instagram filter on it, which instantly turns our  professional photos to mediocre. Words do not express how Photographers feel when we see this.

   Imagine the famous Mona Lisa, by the incomparable Leonardo DaVinci, was re-painted with a mustache on her by a worker in the Louvre Museum where it is located. Dramatic much? Maybe, but it is still the same concept. People would be in an outrage because its "disrespectful" and a "disgrace" to the artist because that isn't what he originally painted. See the Point? Photographers are artists too, and seeing Instagram filters on our work is disrespectful to us, and the time we put in to make you look great. It reflects badly on us when people of Instagram find our photo through a hashtag and say" Is this what my photos will look like if I choose him/her?, Nah, I'll pass, I need someone more professional looking".

Ultimately, just respect your photographers andtheir craft. If you love your photos you received, Instagram's high saturations, and over processed tone curves will not enhance your photos. If you don't like them, express that to your photographer and explore those options. (Sidenote to all photographers: to prevent these things from happening, express this in your contracts/portrait agreements). 


Hope this helps!