A Glampground Wedding in The Woodds | Kristin & Dano

Kristin and Dano are literally the most beautiful souls I have met in a long time. I had the huge honor of shooting their woodsy, mountain wedding in early April and I couldn't be more thankful that we crossed paths. Their wedding took place at The Woodds in Asheville, North Carolina. Its a beautiful, quaint Glampground thats  conveniently tucked away in the hill of a mountain. All tents were equipped with luxurious air beds, heaters, blankets and all sorts for glamorous camping {Glamping ;)}, which worked perfectly well for this city gal as it was my first time camping. HA!

This wedding was so private, intimate, and beautiful that if it was any bigger than it was, it would've ruined the whole feel of the wedding.Only close family and friends were in attendance which made moments that much more real and honest. I was in heaven....Literally. After the golden sunset ceremony, we all sat around a campfire and ate, laughed and drank fermented beer from the professional himself, THE GROOM. I never had fermented beer before this, but if you have never tried it, put that on the bucket list for 2016! Amazing stuff!

I am so thankful that I have multiple opportunities to participate in big events in people's lives on a daily basis. These two, are a couple where you feel their love externally and is contagious to everyone. This wedding was nothing short of amazing and I hope you can pull that from these photographs!

Congratulations Kristin and Dano! <3