Megaan + Derek Landry | 10.01.2016

Iv'e heard it said that there is no better feeling than finally finding someone that you have waited for your whole life. Megaan and Derek have a love for each other that can only be described as heavenly. 

From the moment they laid eyes on each other of Freshman year at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, they knew they there was something special between them. Megaan and Derek lived in the same student housing development. They'd only known each other for two weeks before they started dating and the rest was history...

Now 5 years, and two college degrees later, Megaan and Derek stepped into the marriage life will all smiles and no regrets. 

So thrilled I was able to take part in a dear old friends wedding, who I knew from High School Chorus. Who would've thought that 8 years from our senior year in high school, that I'd be shooting the most important day of her life. 'Twas a very special day for all of us.

         Congrats Megaan and Derek Landry, and I wish you nothing but happiness and love!