Rio + Herald Lucero | 09.16.2016

         Rio and Herald are so full of love. Their warms hearts and genuine smiles oozed through their day. Their romantic themed wedding was something that didn't leave a dry eye in the ceremony. Located at the beautiful Rolling Hills Farm in Monroe, NC, Rio and Herald surely had a wedding day to remember. Love is true with these two and I am so honored and thrilled to share their beautiful wedding day. 


Rio and Herald met back in 2011 at work. He was a Chef  and Rio was a server. As Rio described it, Herald wasn't like most chefs with bad attitudes, tired feet, and potty mouths. Herald was always in a good mood and had a dashing smile that she was secretly obsessed with. By May 2012 Rio and Herald went on their first date and have been inseparable since. Now 4.5 years later they are now together forever as the Luceros.


Cheers to a happy and fun filled marriage!