Photography and Corporate America | The Elephant in the Room

I get asked a lot of questions from my clients about my personal life. I love it actually. However, I am asked quite often how it feels to manage being a photographer, while working in corporate America. " Do you feel like you are always looking for inspiration?", " Do you loose your artistic eye looking at grey walls all day?", or in so many words, " Do you feel like the elephant in the room?". In all honesty, sometimes, Yes I do.

Corporate America is a strong, big, way of life in our society. It provides security, safety, success and in most cases, fuel our daily routines. As an artist by birth and working in corporate america, it can be difficult to manage my out-of-the-box way of thinking.   Working at Deloitte, LLC, a Corporate finance and auditing firm, we  find strategic way to maximize capital growth for middle market companies. Sometimes, I feel like the Elephant in the room in our meetings because my approach to corporate strategies are unconventional and not cookie cutter. I get those blank stares as if they are saying " Where the heck did you come up with that?". But once I got over that 30 second feeling of " Its weird I know.." feeling, I explain to them that I am aware of how skeptical new clients can be with trusting someone that they are investing in... because  I am a photographer. Just as you are trying to build a relationship with a multi-million dollar corporation  to make them feel like they can trust you, I do the same with my clients. "Build a relationship, and get to know their needs and see how it pans out", I say.  I still have my job here (fingers crossed, haha) so I think it is working out. I love bringing a new "down to earth" approach to the corporate life. (Continue below photo..)

Although sometimes I feel my approach to corporate america can be unconventional, being here among not so artistic minds, helps me to handle my own clients with a more "on their level" approach. Oddly enough,  besides the networking and client gain I get from working in a corporation, I get inspired heavily by people and their lives. Hearing co-workers talk about their weekends, and PTO vacations inspire me to try new venues,  travel more, and do things Iv'e never done before that I may be inspired to try new things from those travels.

This post is wayy to long!  But all in all, working in corporate america and being a photographer is a challenge-switching your brain on and off. However, being a photographer brings a personal level way of thinking to the office, and the office bringing the business mind side to photography. So I guess being the Elephant in the room isn't all that bad..