Separk Mansion| Sarah Wilson Bridal



This is Sarah Wilson. This lovely lady and I met in an interesting way. I was second shooting a wedding back in August of last year. The primary shooter I was working with got really sick and had to be rushed to the hospital immediately after the ceremony. I of course, had to shoot the rest of the wedding. Frantic and nervous as I was, to be working with people I had never worked with, and not knowing anyone there, I nailed it! ( in my opinion anyway).  Sarah approached me as I was drinking water at the bar and asked questions about me and my business. We quickly connected and laughed with each other for at least 45 minutes. Eventually she reached out to me about my prices, and soon after, she booked me and the rest was history. How beautiful is she?!

These lovely shots were taken at Separk Mansion in Gastonia, NC and we had a blast! I shot Sarah and her now husband, Tyler's wedding last night at this very place. I can't wait to share the wedding photos with you, but for now, here are her bridal portraits!