It's A Family Matter | The Lofton Family

I had the honor of shooting a wonderful family last week. They aren't just wonderful because they are just nice people.. These are GREAT people. John Lofton, father, is a Pastor. A wonderful pastor with a youthful soul that tends to become contagious when in his surrounding. Cailtin, the daughter, was a high school friend of mine. We met in Women's Ensemble Choir back in high school and have been cool ever since. Although we don't talk as much, this shoot was like a friendship reunion. Elaine, the mother, is the more serious one in the family can normally brings reality to any situation but what a sweet, and hilarious woman she is! We are approaching the super bowl very quickly ( tomorrow actually) and I honestly don't think I couldn't have had a better family to show some sprit with! This session was full of knee slapping jokes, laughter, and love! Love these three.