Vendor Spotlight | Three Thirty Films


Today we have a TREAT for you! One of our favorite Videographers took the time to answer a few questions about her business and the intricate world of what being a Videographer entails. Based in the beautiful Queen City, she puts together some of the most stunning reels, and captures such great love stories! Seriously incredible! We are thrilled to introduce Mackenzie Martin of Three Thirty Films | IG: @threethirtyfilms

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1. What are some advantages of having a videographer at weddings and events?

In my experience, having video coverage is just as important as having photo coverage. The advantage to video is that you get the movements and motions of the day; the more raw feeling, rather than the posed. You also get to see things happen that you may have missed throughout the day.

2. What made you want to be a Videographer?

I have wanted to make films ever since I was a kid. I asked my mother for a VHS Camcorder for Christmas in 5th grade, and I started making movies immediately. Granted, they were terrible, uncut, and not worth watching for anyone, but I knew I wanted to make movies since then. I grew up loving movies like Jaws, The Birds, and Mary Poppins. I idolized Spielberg and Hitchcock, and I still do. I have just more names to my list. 

3. Where did the name ‘Three Thirty Films’ originate?

The name ThreeThirty Films comes from my favorite verse in the Bible, John 3:30. It states "He must increase, but I must decrease." Simple, but such a great reminder that I'm not doing this for my own gain. I am creating things for the couple. I am creating memories that will be played hundreds, if not thousands, of times over the next few decades. I am creating a capsule into this moment in time, to be frozen and re-lived whenever they want. 

4.What products and services do you offer?

I offer three different packages ranging from 6-hour coverage with a Highlight Film, all the way to 12-hour coverage with a teaser trailer and a longer format Short Film. 

5. How long have you been a professional Videographer?

I have been doing video for a long time, but professionally almost 2 years. 

6. Explain the process of creating  a cinema reel for weddings?

The editing process is long and sometimes frustrating. The one thing I tell everyone is that it takes longer than you would think. On the day, I usually take about 8 hours of coverage between all the clips and stationary cameras. I then bring that into the editing process and scrub through it all, because again, I do not want to miss the slightest moment that matters. I then put it all together in a documentary style film, but then comes the hard part. After the scrubbing, smoothing, color correcting, and cutting of the clips, I bring in the audio from the ceremony. This could range from just traditional vows to excerpts of your officiant, vows, and reception speeches. I then scrub through this audio, choosing the most important words, and overlay them throughout the film to put it on another level. It is a long process, but 100% worth every second. 

ThreeThirty Films is a wedding videography company based in North Carolina, but available for travel worldwide. We specialize in documentary style cinematography. We pride ourselves in showcasing love stories in the most organic way possible--unscripted, un-directed, and uninterrupted. Follow Us on Instagram! Check Out Our Full Site! Contact Us!

7.What inspires your creations?

 I would definitely say that my couples inspire me to keep creating. Whether it be their attitudes on the actual day, or them sending me encouraging words through the editing process. What really makes me smile is when I get their film delivered, and they let me know immediately what they thought. They then share it with their friends, and they put an awesome review online saying how happy it made them and how many happy tears were shed. They are more than clients for me, most of them become constant encouragers and friends

8.What are your favorite type of couples?

My favorite types of couples are the ones that value the importance of video on their day and that want to have fun with it. That really let me take creative moves during the moments of the day, and especially during portraits. 

9.  Whats the best part of your job?

I think the best part of my job is definitely being entrusted to capture this day for awesome couples. They let me take a look into their most important and intimate moments, and I get to experience them with them. It is truly an honor.

10. When should you hire your videographer?

Most people don't think of video first off, but as soon as you have a venue and date booked, reach out! I have had people book almost a year and a half in advance as well as 2 weeks before their day. The more time we have to get to know each other, the better! 

11. What are some fun facts about Mackenzie Martin?

Fun facts about me. Hmm. I already said how much of a movie nerd I am. I am working on some pretty cool projects outside of weddings in the next few months, and I am really exercising that part of my heart. I also am obsessed with Harry Potter. I also am a huge fan of Broadway musicals and 90's Pop & Hip-Hop. I watch a TON, and I mean a TON, of YouTube videos -- anything from visual podcasts to daily vlogs to someone calling in sick from jobs they don't have. I just love watching the range of content put out into the world, and their "why's" behind it.