Lighting Tips with Avonné | Underexposing Can be Good.

For my wonderful photographers out there...

Is the struggle real sometimes when it comes to lighting situations?! Whether you're a Pro, or non-pro, I think we can all say YES!

      There is a tip that I use when I shoot that would in fact be scoffed by many.. Underexposing. For the newbies, underexposing is when you look in your camera finder and your photo is on the darker side.. In technical terms, lower ISO's or Higher shutter speeds. I tend to do this for a couple reasons:  (under picture)

Cameron & Brittany Winstead
  1. Richer Photos:  I am what they call a "moody" photographer. Meaning my photo editing style is more on the cinematic & dramatic side (Jazz Hands included). With that being said, shooting your RAWs darker will give you richer shadows when in your post-process. It also gives you richer color, and smooth tones.
  2. Easier to edit:  If you talk to any photographer, they will tell you that it is MUCH easier and more efficient to "bring up" (basically upping the exposure) a photo than it is to "bring down" a photo. Normally when you underexpose and you bring up a photo a couple notches, you'll be at the perfect standard exposure for the photo. Equal skin tones, balancing shadows, highlights, and all.
  3. No overblown Skies: I used to struggle with this a lot. I'd always think i'd have the perfect exposure, then I'd look at the sky and it looks like we photoshopped a white background to the photo. Once I began to underexpose, all of the highlights became balanced with the shadows like yin and yang. No one like blown out skies and underexposing is the best trick to solve that frustration.

Iv'e listed a before and after sample below


Hope this Helps!