Vendor Spotlight | Joely Lane Lettering

Today we have a TREAT for you! One of our favorite calligraphers  took the time to answer a few questions about her lettering business and the intricate world of what being a letterer entails. Based in the beautiful Queen City, she puts together some of the most intricate, and fancy creations that we have ever worked with. Seriously jaw dropping! We are thrilled to introduce Nicole Padgett of Joely Lane Lettering!

IG: @Joelylanelettering





1. What are some advantages of having lettering signs at events?

I think having hand lettered pieces at events adds a uniquely personal touch. A lot of the time, I'm asked to create more than one piece for a wedding and it creates a cohesive feel to the ceremony and reception. There is something special about having a piece hand lettered, it brings an originality to each item that you wouldn't have if it were printed or a standard font were used. 

2. What made you want to be a calligrapher?

I've always been an artistic soul. I took art lessons and believe it or not, real calligraphy lessons when I was very young! Although modern calligraphy is more on trend today, I do feel as though it aided me when re-teaching myself how to hand letter. I am naturally a very anxious person. Just like the popular trend of coloring to reduce stress, this is what hand lettering does for me. I can almost escape into whatever piece I'm working on and my brain only focuses on that one thing. Its very relaxing and almost therapeutic for me. 

3. What products to you offer?

Some of the more popular items are:

-Wedding Timeline Signs

-Seating Charts

-Food & Bar Menus

-Bible Verses/Quote Signs

-In Memory Of Signs

-Mr. & Mrs. Signs

-The Bride & Grooms new last name & Date

-Addressing Envelopes for Wedding Invites

I don't like to say no to any project. I am open to discussing any piece my clients may be interested in! I make an effort to create the vision in your head and bring it to life to the best of my ability. I'm always in awe of the creativity of my clients!

4. How long have you been a professional calligrapher?

I've been a calligrapher for just under a year now, but plan to do this for as long as clients need me!

5. Explain the process of creating custom stationary?

Communication is key! I stay in contact with my clients constantly when hand addressing envelopes. I discuss with them what style they prefer, if they like a more whimsical feel, or more structured. How large or small they like the font, if they want it to cover more of less of the envelope, etc. I like to send them a physical proof of the envelope beforehand just to be sure they absolutely love it! 

6.What inspires your creations?

I get most of my inspiration from following other calligraphers and hand letterers on social media. Seeing how amazing their work is, motivates me to always try different techniques and fonts to further my self teaching. Sometimes sitting down with a pen and a blank piece of paper is all the inspiration I need. I love to doodle and write song lyrics, verses, names and numbers to practice and add more flow and flair to my own style of writing. 

7.  Whats the best part of your job?

I love being able to create something different with each bride or client and make them happy. The latter is my absolute favorite part! When I'm able to see the clients face after handing them their final product, it makes me SO happy that they're happy. I truly enjoy playing a part in their special day, no matter how big or small.