Don't Follow the Wedding Hype. | My two Cents

 Don't Follow the wedding Hype?! But you're a wedding photographer!

Yes, I know it may sound a little odd coming from me but hear me out:

We live in a materialistic, and systematic society where people are wanting more fluff, spending gobs of money on things that will cater to the people who, in some cases, are there for the free food! Weddings are an entity in and of of itself. Its has so much attached to it that its something that can be constantly overwhelming and can potentially break relationships! We are in a society that says  you have to have a gown that's train  is 10ft long,  a wedding ring that's 5 pounds, In a wedding venue that charges more than a mortgage, Jimmy Choo shoes that in reality no one will see and will come off at the reception, and expensive party favors that most guests will forget they have once they get in their cars to leave. That is just naming a few... 

Now, don't get me wrong,  Photographers LOVE extravagant weddings to photograph.  All of that make for some of the most breathtaking photographs. But some of the most honest, emotional weddings I have shot were in someone's gorgeously manicured back yard, on a campground, or in a beautiful park with close friends,family, food, wine, and laughs. There have been numerous occasions where a bride will tell me she wants to pull her hair out, or is on the verge of tears because everyone is pressuring her to do things that cater to things that aren't about the couple. I constantly have to remind a bride that this wedding is about her and her fiancé ONLY. Without the dramatic gown, castle venue, 600 person guest list, and the Jimmy Choo's, he will still marry you. Weddings are about a vow to each other for the rest of your life. They be the same whether you are in a Vera Wang gown or a gown someone sold to you.  The meaning is MUCH deeper and much more sacred than society tends to let on. A ring is a covenant that is a symbol your fiancé gave to you to show that YOU and only YOU are the one for him. Why is it now, that rings have to symbolize his wealth or social status? We are losing focus on the value of what a ring means and have made it become a "show and tell". 

 All I am saying is that stories of true love are not told through limos, designer gowns, and 4-star cuisine, but are told through truth and honesty.  If you want to have a fairytale, over the top, wedding, by all means DO IT! Weddings are Beautiful not matter how big or small they are. But keep in mind that  weddings  have a much deeper meaning. Memories are made and stories can be told through the simplest things. Do not follow society and what a wedding "SHOULD" be, do what will tell your story of two lovers joining in marriage for eternity!

Less is More.