I absolutely love getting to know my couples and their love stories. I find it massively intriguing to know how two individuals met, how their stars aligned. 

I had the honor of shooting the wedding of Hailey and Mack Geary on June 2, 2018 at Merry Hill in Mebane, NC.  Their wedding was FULL of laughter, tears and a lot of YAAASSS’s (mainly by me). It stormed heavily on and off that day and was very hot, but it did not stop them from enjoying ever bit of their wedding day. I previously knew these two in college at UNCP and remember seeing their love evolve over the years while there. I asked Hailey how she and Mack official met and these are her words:

“Flash back to August 4, 2011, I had three random roommates moving into my apartment and wanted to have one last party before they all moved in. I made a private Facebook event inviting all my sisters and the Pike boys. Mack along with a few other of his brothers came to throw down one last time. Mack and I had met before but really hadn’t “officially met” and never really spoken to each other. We ended up being paired up together to play beer pong together and killed the other team. We got to know each other over the cross of playing and I thought he was cute but didn’t really think he thought the same for me. Back story I hurt myself at work and was wearing a knee brace….not really the most hottest accessory. Everyone at the party eventually moved to his place because they had a bigger tv to watch whatever game was on and they weren’t really feeling our music selection. I remembered not starting to feel so well and Mack helped my sorority sisters get me home. I just thought that was so nice of him and semi-embarrassing that I had to leave because I didn’t feel well. However, he ended up messaging me the next day to see if I was ok and small talk. Which led to our first date at Papa Bills and a crazy 6years almost 7years later I get to marry my best friend!”

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