Man, Oh, Man was I honored to be at Tam and Andrews wedding. These two have to be the NICEST and KINDEST people I have met. Do you remember the beautiful couple from the Duke University Chapel? Well, those two lovely people tied the knot this May. Their ceremony was at the St. Joseph Vietnamese Catholic Church in Charlotte, NC followed by their grand reception at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in Belmont. These two have a love SO apparent that it can honestly bring a smile to anyones face.

I asked Tam how their love came about and these were her words.

“In front of the school’s coffee shop, in my light-brown coat, feelings of anxiety perspiring profusely in my palms, breathing through the sparing moments of the last day of my social life as I went into grad school, not realizing later, that it is actually the first day I met my life partner.Our very first encounter was outside the school’s coffee shop on our first day of CRNA school orientation. My initial thought when I saw Andrew was: this guy could use a haircut. In my social awkwardness, I blurted out a few benign words like “Hey. Where did you park?” His shaggy hair covered his eyes, my awkwardness was only the tip of all my other neurosis and that’s how it all began.The awkwardness persisted. In our first week of class, I asked Andrew if I could join his study group…“NO.” Plain and simple. I was so embarrassed as it took so much courage to go up to someone I thought was smarter than me. I played it cool, went to the next table, opened my binder to a random tab and pretended to read something seriously. I found my own study group, with people who are now my dear friends.
As months went on, I received formal inquiries via texts such as, “Would you like to check out a new sushi place in Chapel Hill?” or “Would you like to have coffee?” Things that I felt were pretty casual and did not think much of it. I accepted both. Mainly because I love sushi and coffee 🙂 
Our first couple of dates consisted of pizza, coffee, sushi, tea, and lots of me talking, lol. Doesn’t that sound perfect?! Well, in a funny, charming way, it was for me!
All the not-so-fun butterflies and awkward wrinkles along the way gave us more to laugh about. Even more to cherish are our endless conversations, homemade dinners, and walks with daisy. Andrew is the most kind and loving person I know. I’m beyond grateful our paths lead o one another. True love is beautiful. I am at peace.”

Ceremony: St. Joesph Vietnamese Catholic Church
Reception Venue: Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens
Cake: Publix
DJ: ATG Entertainment
Caterer: Best Impressions Caterers
Videographer: Reel Weddings
Hair: Anna Pham
Make up: self
Invitations: self
Florist: Ngoc Pham, Jade Pham
Ring Brand: Diamonds Direct
Reception Dress Store: Anthropologie
Dress Designer: Watters
Traditional Vietnamese Dress

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