This 2018 year started off fantastic for me. I was in the UK for a two month long adventure hiking mountains, and visit various eateries and sites around the country. Thomas and I came across the Valle Crucis Abbey while exploring Wales on a day out. I leaned over to him and said “I want to shoot here, I see so many things I can do here”. He agreed and gave me the Let’s do this stare. 

I reached out to the bride who’s wedding I am shooting in the UK in June and texted her a photo of the Abbey and she said  “WHERE AND WHEN?”. haha! I guess you can say she was excited!. We looked for at least a week finding different dresses, and florals. We finally found two beautiful dresses, and I went to a local floral shop near Thomas’s house. I bought all the floral pieces separately and pieced a bouquet together. I am no florist by any means, but the end product came out beautifully. I We shot this beautiful bride in January so we were graced with beautiful snow that morning of and it was absolutely magical. Thomas, Tabitha and I had an absolute blast freezing our bums off, and cracking jokes. We created magic and I would so it ALL over again in a heartbeat.

Bride: Tabitha Earp
1st Wedding Gown : Chi Chi Clothing
2nd Wedding Gown: ASOS
Flower Crown : Tabitha Earp Makes
Makeup: Sasha Brown Makeup
Bouquet: Melanie Louise Flowers (Floral Shop)
Photo retouching: Design Flight
Stationery: Cristina Leis Calligraphy

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